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The weak guppie

Two days ago I noticed the male turquoise guppie a little saddened. His color fins were pale and seemed bitten(and I know those to blame are the zebrafish(they bullied him). Hopefully he will survive. Right now he is in a quarantine fish tank getting medicine treatment. One thing is sure. The zebras are going to be moved at another tank once he goes back where he came from.



Note. Next morning the guppie died. The zebras got into another fish tank.


Original article.

My first aquarium

A brother of mine had two fish tanks 25 or 30 years ago. Guppies, mollies, platies, swordtails, zebra danios, angelfish, are some of the species he kept at that time. I never touched the tank tough. I used to believe you had to change all the water in the tank when the time came, but that it’s not true . The tank its been cycling for a week now, and the second day I added 3 zebra danios, but the levels of ammonia are still untraceable. Nitrites low too. The tank is 36 gallon capacity, so I decided to add 4 guppies(3 female fancy guppies), and a turquoise male guppy. One female seems to be pregnant(who knows the father? I don’t) The male was bought at a different store, so they are not related. Now more poop will increase the potential to create more beneficial bacteria. In the process new fry guppies will come up from those mother bellies factories.

Chicken Shawarma



The recipe. I tried it without the ginger.


The marinade ready.


Next day out of the refrigerator.


On the grill.


Fresh pita bread.


Chicken shawarma ready with tzaziki sauce.

Honey Nut Granola

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