Male German Blue Ram. He was a bully.

About two months ago I got a couple of them. They were a male and a female. She even laid eggs, but the other fish ate them. Then the female got very sick and turned black color, and got very skinny. My original idea was to breed them, but after she died there was no way to do it again.

If you want to breed them, you have to have a match couple. They have to like each other to mate. But you have to give them a whole long 20 gallon tank, or a 30 gallon. Because after the eggs hatch, there have to be no other fish but them, otherwise the other fish will eat the eggs.

But first, if your water ph is around 7, you should bring it down to 6.5 because on alkaline water the eggs don’t hatch. Bring the ph down slowly with the fish in the tank already. So they acclimate step by step. I do so by taking 10% water out, and then filling that 10% with RO water and doing ph, and hardness water tests.

Once the eggs hatch the parents will raise the fry.

I got another female german blue ram, but the male didn’t like her, and he chase her all around the tank. She runs desperate far from him, but he is a bully. So I took her no another tank. So I wasn’t able to make them breed.