Male Guppy
Male Guppy

It’s been almost four months since I got the first three female guppies(they were the second fish I ever had(the first were three zebrafish). At the same time I got a male guppy, but all of them died, very probably for new tank syndrome.

Luckily one orange tail female guppy who was in the most advanced pregnancy when I got her, had her fry. This strain is a type of red tuxedo.

Now three months and a half later only five of 14 survivor fish were males and they are beautiful. The other ten are females. Guppies reproduce themselves easily. You buy one strain and keep breeding them between the same strain and you have fish for an eternity basically. Or you can mix breed them too if you want to experiment between different strains as I’m doing it right now between a red tuxedo and a blue moscow.

There are several guppy strains in the market. The hard part is to get the ones you like the most if they are not available in your aquarium stores which is high likely they will not. And the tons of color and grace in their tails these fish have is the reason why many old and new fish keepers love them and keep them.

Update March/19/2017. I have been keeping fish for 5 months already. With 8 fish tanks and several species of fish. Guppies, platies, zebrafish, swordtails, mollies, several tetras, pearl gouramis, killifish, rasboras, barbs, bettas, blue german rams, gold severum, geophagus, kribensis, angel fish.

Now I understand why guppies will never fade. Guppies give you so much joy. You can create your own strains if you want, they reproduce by a million that’s right, but the surplus can be given to friends, or feed bigger fish, even letting them go on a river or bayou. Every three months you will be able to see what the cross of two strains look like since at that age the males start to get their colors. So it’s always different, every 4 months! All of that is something you can not experience with another aquarium fish species.(You can breed strains of platies if you want, but for this purpose guppies are the way to go right?)

Even the other livebearers are not as versatile to experiment as the guppies. Yes I like silver mollies, they are the most social mollies in my experience. My female silver molly had 4 fry(maybe more but the other fish ate them I believe). And what about swordtails? Well I had 2 red females wagtails with a male, but they never reproduced. The male was too small(I think it was defective lol). So I had a to buy two big pineapple swordtails, one male and one female. The female was pregnant already, and to my best luck it gave birth to half of her fry on the way home in the plastic bag where she came from. Sixty fry came by, now they are 5 weeks old. I read on different message boards about people raising swordtail fry, and I read them saying that from all the livebearers, the swordtails take the longest to mature. That may be because they are bigger fish, same happens with mollies. Mollies, swordtails, even platies are more for the community aquarium, and of course they are bigger, and create more waste, something guppies do not. I like all the livebearers, but for breeding intentionally guppies are the way to go.

Guppies are more delicate because of their long fins and docile attitudes, that’s why I keep them with espei rasboras, and otocinclus catfish. Oh, and guppies are the showstopper of the livebearer group. They are the most colorful!

Guppies mean color!