I don’t know if it is because we are getting close to halloween, but all the guppies died in the fish tank, and that was spooky. But it has to do with the levels of ammonia lately raising because I’m cycling the fish tank for the first time. Today is the 17th day since the fish tank began cycling. The irony is that 16 days ago I got 3 zebra-fish. One week latter 3 female guppies, and one male guppie came to make them companion. Zebra-fish are super active, and they nipped at the tail of the male guppie. It created stress and infection to the guppie who died 4 days latter(He wasn’t cured with medications).Even a new 20 gallon tank was given to him alone where he finally died). Then I decided to move those zebras to the same 20 gallon tank.

When I changed the zebras to the 20 gallon tank the levels of ammonia still were not raising in the 36 gallon tank. It was some days latter when it started to happen. Then one female guppy got pop eye disease and died. Couple of days later another blue female guppie started to show signs of tail fin abrasion, and couple of days latter died too.

But it was one female that was already in advance pregnancy when I bought her(the last survivor). I know those fish can stay pregnant between 4 and 6 weeks, but they sense water quality, the stress they are in, etc. The water had low levels of ammonia, so I added ammo lock to minimize it, then the next day right at midnight she relaxed, and had her fry. I noticed it right on time and took the small fish out of the fish tank to the nursery(in the same 20 gallon fish tank where the zebra fish live now, and ammonia is not yet detected.

The female after giving birth stayed at the same 36 gallon tank where all the adult guppies always stayed. Then levels of ammonia came back stronger. She seemed ok yesterday, but I forgot to dose the ammo lock again, and she died.

If everything goes right in a couple of weeks the fry fish will be growing more.


Update. Six days ago the 24 guppy fry were born. They are feeding like little monsters 4 times a day.