Dianthus are still blooming. 

Dwarf peach drift rose seems never to stop. Only in the coldest of winter stops a little bit.

Echinacea began flowering one flower in mid spring. Now many flowers are coming in.

Pentas take awhile to grow. They flower in the spring, but the plant start to get robust around summer.

Blue plumbago blooms the first time in spring, but rudbeckia is just showing the first buds.

Euphorbia crown of thorns. Does not like too cool temperatures.

Skullcap scutellaria is a great evergreen herb(yes is considered an herb), and it  flowers from mid spring to summer.

Natchez tree.

Texas silverado sage.

Watermelon vine good bye. I never got any fruit, and the first one is too late in the season. 

I never buy collards in the supermarket, but because I grow those I’ll eat.

The patrolling forces on the garden.