Most people who work on sale departments are little know something, or purely know nothings about the products they want to sell you. You can really know it once you start talking with people about the things you want to know. If you know more than them is easy to spot it right away(at this point a moron is easy to detect).

Few days ago I found a salesman who once he figured out I knew more about the subject got cranky and mean(he tried to hide it, but it was evident, he felt offended). Hey thanks for the information, you surely are o great help to people!

Thankfully there is a small percentage of sellers who know well the products they try to sell you. I mean you don’t expect them to know every detail, or everything, but in this waters the conversation runs freely.You learn something new, you offer insights to the other part.

And today’s information are bike cranks(something I did not know how to interpret).

The web is filled with opinions from all type of people. Some post in angry mood, other calmly and well centered, the extreme and fundamentalist can’t stand but only one posture(their own). Sadly there’s nothing what to learn from those loonies.

But because I know we live in a diverse world, and we all look for different needs. I’m going to leave some links below about compact and standard gears(for bikes that’s it).

Compact cranks vs standard cranks.

Why compact cranks can make you weak.(from a pure hardcore cyclist, or it seems.

Remember, make your research, and avoid been a know little, or worse, a know nothing, before you buy.