This year was the second time the Japanese boxwood plants died. The first time we tough it was the historical drought, but now I believe these plants are not really resistant to our intense hot-humid summers. It was impossible to build the low hedge my brother always wanted to get.

I traveled another path on my own experimentation and readings. My brother dislikes getting into a subject if he finds it not so intensively interesting for him. So last year I planted native evergreen species around the yard. Incredibly these plants do not crave attention and survive on their own. Not in vain native plant writers and specialists concerning on this emphasize the benefits of going native.

English gardeners usually plant Japanese boxwood. In fact our previous boxwood plants behaved greatly in winter and spring. It’s just in the summer when mostly all of them go back to heaven’s paradise. The only solution was going to be going native too. So now it’s time to give a chance to dwarf yaupon holly.

But one special note should be given. There is a small edge in the yard where those boxwood never get direct sunlight, and they are the only ones who survived and thrived for two years in a row. Do not plant them below big shady trees because those will not grow-as I noticed too- but do so below a roof with no direct sun contact and with no big shrubs or trees around them. There is their secret place to thrive here and avoid dying in summer.