What I dislike the most when growing from seed is the fact that not all your seedlings germinate in the tray. Then if that’s not enough to surrender, still you have to wait at least two more months to transplant. That’s why I’m done with growing from seed, it’s just tedious.

From now on I will buy bedding annual plants from the nursery only. In fact I just started it, and my first beds of the season are ready. They just need some more time to keep growing.

Six angelonia serena lavender pink and twenty-four little devil marigolds. Now it’s time to move them to the bed.

When I was ready to transfer the plants, a Cessna plane passed by above the house. I was lucky to have my cam on me, so I took some pictures.

Then on one of the little trees, I found this anolis hiding between the leaves. The rascal probably thought they were looking for him.

So I did my work.

Now it’s time to let them grow.

No more tomatoes! It’s my final conclusion. I had four plants growing, but they got so big, it was impossible to let them there. You can see them behind the flower beds. Only the grape variety had six green tomatoes growing in it. No more tomatoes, and no more vegetables. Kaput!