The most common name for this plant originally from Madagascar is “Vinca” or “Periwinkle”. I like the way it looks in walkways. Last year I saw the plant from late spring to late fall every time I went to workout at one of the gyms I usually go. Vinca likes an environment with heat and humidity, which is exactly what here is all about. I had no idea the plant dislikes bad drainage soil.(Because of that is susceptible to sudden death). But those problems could well be prevented if you know exactly where to grow the plants. In my opinion is just that particular thing you need to know to prevent anything wrong with vinca. The only con to grow from seed this plant is that you will need to grow it indoors, sixteen weeks in advance before transplanting. But if you want to grow varieties you can’t get in nurseries, it’s the only way to go.

I bough 6 little plants for one dollar. They are not “ vinca cora” varieties. They get plenty of sun where they are.(The very front part where people walk). I just hope the cranky neighbor does not steal the plants, because she is very famous for that around the home complex.