They germinated indoors a week later, after sowing, and when they did it was like looking at a garden snail dancing a ball. Now, close to ten weeks latter after their germination, their looks start to say: “Hey dad I’m strong now”. If you grow a petunia from seed you know what I mean.(I grew four) Still no flowers yet tough. I suspect soon they will.

The pictures above are fifteen days old. The next two pictures are from today when I discovered the first bloom in one of them.

Grow two of these plants in a 10″ pot and they will look great.

Now the heat is here. Not the dog days of summer yet, but petunias suffer with very hot conditions. In order to avoid that you need to water them daily or every two days. It’s the only way to grow nice looking petunias in this kind of weather. LOTS, LOTS OF WATER when extreme hot climate arrives.

The best season to grow petunias in my experience is from late October to April. They don’t suffer during that time from heat, neither require lots of water as in summer and their appearance is fresh  and neat in cooler months.