Last year for whatever reason I couldn’t rise the dill. Maybe it was because I started it too early, or because I hadn’t enough space that don’t even remember if I throw it away when it was still a small plant.

Fernleaf is the only semi-dwarf variety in the dill world. If you want small plants to rise in pots, it’s the one to grow! Only 18 inches when full size. Very easy to grow too. Sow it in good soil in the pot you want it to be, because they don’t like to be transplanted due to their taproot. They germinated fast —As long as the weather remains cool during the days and nights, it will be ok— but it was a warm winter too. I found out they like full sun when it’s not above high 80’s F. After that, move it to partial shade.

The sun was just too high for it. I trowed it away. In some garden websites I found dill is better to plant in the fall in this area because is a cool weather herb. I don’t know yet when I’ll do that if that’s going to happen. Until now this my experience with dill.