In two more days spring season will officially be here, but spring here in the south shows up way earlier; so early that my first plant blooming is the autumn sage “lipstick”. That sage is a marvel to be a perennial(a sub-shrub), it flowered all fall and it began flowering in mid February, it suppose to bloom all spring, so I guess there’re three more months for them to keep going. That I will still have to see it.

Salvia greggii flowering.

The Indian Hawthorn which is a very slow grower began flowering the last days of February or the first days of March. It was the second perennial shrub to bloom.(for her is the first of the season to bloom)

My Hawthorns still have much to grow. Probably in three years the edge will be complete.

Indian Hawthorns “Ballerina” flowering.

The dwarf bottle-brush began flowering very little the third week of February, but now it has much more buds ready to flower, which is a sign that more profuse blooming is on the horizon.

Dwarf bottle-brush and Tuscan blue rosemary.

Rosemary still not blooming entirely.

Crape myrtle “Natchez” was planted last September. It lost its leaves(been a deciduous tree) in winter, but now the leaves are growing again.

By mid April all myrtles will get back all the foliage. They bloom till summer.