This plant I grew it from seed in my flower bed, but I’ll prefer to do so in pots the next time. Anyway, the current season was more like testing a lot of seeds and nasturtium was one of them. I have three in one of the two flowerbeds. They like late fall to mid or late spring weather here in the south. Late spring to mid fall is kind of super hot, and those cool weather plants start to say good bye around those dates.

I would like them better in pots because they spread and its big almost flat round leaves cover a good area. For that reason if growing them in a bed, the one growing at the north likely will grow taller or faster than the one to the south, then the south one will not grow well because the sun will not touch it as much as the one at the north, and very likely will not develop well. That’s the reason why in my opinion it should be better in a pot!

The better part is that you can eat the whole plant. It tastes like watercress and the big flat leaves may even hold water on the top in a rainy day.

One thing only. The seed must be grown “in situ”, otherwise may die. It happened to one of them doing so.

Nasturtium jewel mix had been blooming well since the third week of March.

The ones I got are an intense orange color.