The first time I saw this flowers online I thought they used photoshop, but when I saw the real ones at the nursery I got stunned.

According to a book I got weeks ago, it explains that to grow them from seed they need darkness and around 55°F to 65°F. The same requirements are needed for the annual phlox drummondii. I grew them in the same seedling tray and after germinating I took a look at websites and blogs to know which one were each. Below is the gazania.

They look like a mini version green bean sprout when germinating for the first time.

Three months ago I wrote here when the seeds sprouted. Then the little plants grew, but only one is still alive. I moved it the first time to a clay pot where it got at least 4 hours of direct sun-light and the rest of the day it got reflected light(that was in early spring).

I moved it to the garden bed in the back of the garden in mid spring, but as the spring ran its second part, the sun began browning the plant leaves. Sometimes the plant looked ugly, but with watering recovered. I then realized it was too much sun for it, so I moved it back again to the pot where it was the first time and now looks better. No flowers yet tough.