I’ve seen them in the nursery before, but this year I haven’t seen one yet. I believe it’s because they like warmer climate and still there had been a couple of nights in the 44°F to 55°F. Even back in February I sowed seeds and the seedlings died one night when temperatures reached the low 40’s. The seedlings are very sensitive to cool weather, and they don’t like bad drainage. Start the seeds inside the home. Until they look strong, move them out. Don’t give them lots of water because they dislike wet soggy soils and may die in early stage if you do so. I witnessed it.. Other people agree with my personal experience.

The seedlings even when very small get the characteristic of been semi-succulent.

(To be continued). Three weeks latter and growing strong. Last two weeks were upper 80’s and lower 90’s F. The dire creatures love the sun! Notice one of them got a green stem, the other is red. It’s the first time I’m growing them.

Three weeks latter the plants start to take off faster. The one with the green color stem will flower anytime.

The green color steam ended up been a white flower type. But yesterday I looked some portulacas flowering at a home depot store. There were some with green color stem blooming red color flowers, so I don’t think the stem is an indication of the flower color a plant will get.

The other portulaca already bloomed, and it’s a red color!. Both of them bloomed two times and even three, but each of them bloomed only in one color. I suspect these plants bloom in one color only. Some people told me each plant blooms in several colors, so I suspect that’s another variety or specie, but these ones so far bloom in one color only!.