When sowing a seed you never planted before, you keep wondering: “How will the seedling look alike?” It’s true because all plants look different since they are very small. A week ago I sowed four kind of seeds and confusion is now underway because I don’t know what seedlings are what kind. But this one I’m sure! A convolvulus blue color.

Last year I grew an annual moon-flower vine, which is in the convolvulus family. But getting tired of planting tall annual vines there, I opted for an evergreen perennial star jasmine vine, now growing in that same spot.

(To be continued).

According to the seed package they grow 14 inches only. I have it in an eight inches pot with partial sun and reflected sun in the afternoon. They seem to grow very slow. One book I got explains it doesn’t like humid conditions, so I don’t know if that’s what keeps the plant from exploding to grow rapidly. Right now it seems near blooming for the first time.

Yesterday I posted the above picture. Today rained before sunrise and brought cooler temperatures since yesterday’s night —Which is a break for the intense heat— There it is the first convolvulus flower.

Little plant, but the humid climate is its worst enemy. The plant did not turn bushy and when moved to more direct sun it turned horrendous. Beautiful little morning glory flowers. It’s just not the right climate for them around here.