From a book I read at home is that I came out with these combinations for my garden flower beds. There are other pairs you can match too. Here is another link.

To me, flower beds means plants no taller than 12”. Anything bigger than that looks to clumpy in the area where I’m growing them. Above 12” tall plants are potting plants to me.

Late spring to late autumn flower bed combinations.

  • Salvia/Celosia.
  • Celosia/Ageratum.
  • Salvia/Ageratum/Tagetes.
  • Zinnia/Ageratum/Tagetes
  • Portulaca/Ageratum.
  • Angelonia/Celosia.
  • Angelonia/Tagetes.

Late autumn to late spring flower bed combinations.

  • Petunia/Antirrhinum.
  • Antirrhinum/Pansy/Dianthus.