Few are the annual plants that like hot, shade and humid conditions for this particular weather. Two come to my mind… Impatiens and Torenia. Lobelia is out of the question because it dies here in the extreme summer, but is a good alternative for late autumn, winter and early spring. Impatiens have non-glossy leaves. Its cousin or half sister “the vinca” does but they need a sunny spot.

Now is the first season I grow Impatiens, not from seed but transplants. I have two small growing sprouts from seed, but until they grow more I’ll know what happens to them.

Update. The impatiens didn’t like much that spot! But, that’s better than worst. That area gets from five to six hours of partial-full sun. After 2.30PM the back-wall obstructs the sun. So basically it’s a morning sun and afternoon shady area. That’s exactly what is needed there. An area where annual flowers can grow!. You know is way harder to find annuals that flower in shade that in the sun, by a wide margin right?

It means shade annuals can get only one spot in the house—That is until the two trees grow, and for that I have to wait years still— The place is in the side of my two bedroom windows, right in the back garden. Then sun never shows up directly there at all. The top roof works as a shelter too.

That morning we got two inches of rain. The water clogs a little bit, but just while it’s raining because my brother designed and built an underground drainage system before we added the grass. Even in the heaviest day of rain, the drainage does its work, and a couple of hours later the water is completely gone! Before that, the water stayed for days!