As ugly as an animal can be they have feelings. I woke up this morning — went directly to the back-yard as I mostly do — and there in the corner of the back-fence was an opossum not willing to go down the patio. When I looked down to the shrub-bed there it was, a little rat with white head!. Suddenly I realized she had more babies inside her pouch and barely fitted in there.

She didn’t want to run the risk of going down the fence and losing more off-springs. The little baby looked as if he felt when the mother was walking above the fence. Now the mother can’t rescue him, she looks in dismay, trying to do something, but she knows there not much she can do, but she remains there. If she leaves the baby alone there, I’ll pick it up and deliver it to a wild animal shelter close here.

While I was writing here I went back to the window just to find a cat below, one foot apart from the baby opossum!, but there were 2 baby possums not just one. The mother was above the fence. I suspect the cat arrived hearing the chirping noises from the siblings, and the mother trying to defend him wrestled with the cat, but another sibling felt from her pouch. If I hadn’t arrived the baby opossum would had been breakfast for that black cat.The one that could not dig between the fence is the smallest of all I suppose, the other one is not there anymore, seems as he went to the other neighbor back-yard,(just behind mine) But there I don’t know if the cat got him. Still, one is in my care and I will get him to a shelter home.