Growing annual flowers overtime could become tedious, especially if you grow big batches of them twice a year. But annuals are a necessity when filling the blank spots perennials leave while not flowering, especially in winter. Pansies and sweet alyssum are probably the most reliable annual flowers to grow here. From late fall to late spring they offer flowers all the time.

Right in the middle of spring perennial plants start to bloom too: Rosemary,aquilegia, and others. Those perennials are always there, either in a pot, or in the garden soil.

My personal experience when growing alyssum and pansy is to sow the seeds 11 weeks before November 1st. They behave well in partial sun, and are excellent for narrow wide borders and window boxes.

The plants below are 11 weeks old.

In my experience, the only alyssum worth to try is the “snow princess” variety. I tried pink, salmon and blue colors, but they are not true in color. Those types are discolored flowers. Below is a purple one.

Snow princess is the best and has sweet honey fragrant smell. Excellent for xeriscaping. I heard that in extreme heat summer conditions as it happens here, plants stop producing flowers. Until the extreme heat goes away they start to flower again.

They like partial sun to full sun. Partial sun where summer are intense.