Last year I grew an annual vine on a trellis in one side of the house. That trellis is in a big whitish-greyish-brick-wall, and when it’s empty it looks like a big blank space, so the only solution is to grow an evergreen vine there. My brother wanted one that could form an espalier around and between the trellis. The only one available for this hardy zone area with those characteristics ended up been “Trachelospermum jasminoides”.

Last year annual vine gave me a sort of pain. It was very tall and in late summer was uncontrollable, to the point where itself became asphyxiated. With the new jasmine hopefully those problems will be solved and it will be a spring bloomer.

Three months after I planted the vine. The Jasmine is now blooming. It’s excellent because two weeks after the Indian hawthorn stopped flowering, the vine followed. It have been blooming for two weeks now. Then when summer arrives the Natches crape myrtle will be next to flower.