There’s more knowledge in planting plants than just buying whatever you find at the nursery. I’ve been running lately around my house complex area(running as in sports) paying attention to the shrubs and herbaceous perennials in every house.

My newest gardening book is awesome, it explains in detail 576 annuals and perennials: It tells you where you can plant them or not, when it flowers, what plant combinations you can try. So basically the intention is to have a prolonged-time-color-plethora in my perennial garden.

I needed a three or four foot high, spike-blue-flowers-plant, early-bloomer and evergreen. Lavender was my first choice, just to find out it won’t behave nicely with the extreme humidity around here. After several failures, something so common around here made its presence. Rosemary!. Tuscan blue rosemary is exactly what I was looking for.

Rosemary is basically a superman over here. The extreme full-sun-summer heat is his pal. It can resist to the 25 Fahrenheit in winter with no problems. Blooming in the middle of spring to the first month of summer, but I saw some of them doing so already.