Having clay soil in your garden isn’t fun —at least not for most plants— because it retains water. When there’s no water for days the soil cracks and if there is heavy rain you get a lagoon. Anyway, those spots where water stays for long periods of time in clay soils are named “ clay lenses”. But, to grow vegetables in clay soil is an issue because it lacks the: organic matter, sand and compost. To make things easier I’ll amend the soil where the tomatoes will be growing. Hopefully it’ll help the production. Besides, the spot where tomatoes will be going never gets underwater when rain pour down.

My front-neighbor-father told me that big round tomatoes varieties didn’t grow well in his backyard last year: “The Roma varieties did well,” he said. So I’ll grow tomatoes twice this year because the summers from July-September are raging hot, even tomatoes don’t like it.

Imma sent me the long promised Catalonian tomato seeds from her native “La Bisbal d’Empordà”. The seeds are Mallorquin and Montserrat varieties. Thank you very much Imma, by the next fall I’ll get them growing!. Thanks for the nice postcards too.

And now I introduce you the tomato battalion growing under my supervision. Soldiers salute!.