Tomatoes are not vegetables, but fruits. The indeterminate tomatoes are the only ones I can grow in the garden, because they fit perfectly in a space between my flower beds and an edge right behind it. Each flower bed has a trellis attached to itself. So, while the flowers will be growing inside the bed, the tomatoes will grow behind it; in the garden edge. The vines will grow up from behind, wrapping the trellis.

Indeterminate tomatoes will not obstruct much space there. That’s something I could not do with determinate plants. For that reason, vines came to my rescue!.

Last year I grew tomatoes in the flowerbeds, but big tomatoes didn’t provide me with any fruit, and cherry types gave not many, while my front house neighbor’s father got several fruits from his tomato plants. I learned my lesson. Simplify things!. When the transplants are ready, move them to a great spot in the soil’s garden. They grow better there! and will reward you with fruit.

The most plants I can grow there are 4. Here, we have 2 short seasons, one in spring, another-one in fall . Between those seasons, tomatoes don’t thrive.(at least they didn’t last year) So my plan next year is to get 2 harvests with 4 plants in each one.

Spring season:

  • Jubilee
  • Better Boy Hybrid
  • Juliet Hybrid
  • San Marzano

Fall season:

  • Big Boy Hybrid
  • Jet Star Hybrid
  • Tasty Treat
  • Any Other Tomato

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