Last time I posted here was 2 months and a half ago when I planted the 2 small crape myrtle Natchez trees, by the way they adapted already. Soon after in the middle of fall season the leaves of those small trees turned orange color. Although they are deciduous, the color they provide in fall is radiant, latter on the leaves fall off to comeback again in spring initiating another yearly cycle.

Crape Myrtle Natchez.

The Salvias Greggiis adapted stupendous(not in vain they are natives to the area). Greggiis know also as “fall sage” made honor to it’s name when the plant flowered exactly the first day of fall and never stopped flowering vigorously until a couple of weeks ago when 2 days of frosty nights applied the brakes on them(easy boy!, easy!). Now they are not in their best luxurious display, but when do they look great in long rows or mass planting.

Salvia Greggii.

Talking about native plants…. Sage Silverado the other shrub I got very late in summer had been growing the last 3 months or so. They are fast growing shrubs not like the Indian Hawthorn(the most recent acquisitions) or japanese boxwood  which growing for them is similar to watching snails racing.

Sage Silverado.