When you buy a house with plants in it and don’t know anything about shrubs, trees and any other plant varieties, is like living in “I don’t know what surrounds me!”. When we got in this house many shrubs were cut off because either were ugly or else, call my brother “Mr deforestation”.

My brother loves crape myrtles, in fact is the most southern staple landscape found in the south, it’s a long bloomer and a deciduous tree or shrub(they have no leaf in winter), they come in many sizes and colors, but it was until yesterday when I found out the types we got close to the garage. This year they did not grow any taller and it was the first clue they had reach full size(they are 8 or 10 ft), then I saw the flowers and for my luck it’s one of a kind so there’s no way to get it wrong. I’m sure 2 of those are peppermint lace and last one pink velour.

Of the 2 big crape myrtles we planted more than a year ago only one survived, but those are pink flowers and 10 ft tall, so I guess they are pink velour too. My brother in his crap myrtosis mind wants to plant 2 big myrtles 20 ft long or so with white flowers. We’’ll see.

Peppermint lace myrtle.

Pink velour myrtle.