The current year is one of catastrophic drought proportions, almost half of japanese boxwoods are dying. My brother wants to plant more boxwoods next year, I don’t like too much the idea so instead I focus on spots where I can add color to the garden most of the year or the whole year.

In the very back of my garden to plant annuals are not an option, it simply didn’t work this year, well it did, but it’s too much work to do when I have to take care of two 4 by 4 square foot garden boxes where I grow vegetables and annuals, plus the herb pots, sod, vines, and so on in other parts of the garden . The very back of the garden is the last place to go and visit it, in other words it’s not a focal point, none less is a big edge and where the sun hits directly the whole day.

After reading and deciding what could be the best to plant there, considering the heat here, I opted for xeric perennials, because it’s an edge, salvia greggii been xeric and of good vertical 2 to 3 ft size, almost evergreen(I still have to see that!), it was the best choice, I got 2 lipstick and 4 flame salvias greggii. There are other types of sages too.

Salvia greggii.

Pruning should be done twice a year, once after the spring blooming cut 1/3 of the top and then again after the fall season flowering. Others say you can prune right after the last frost too.

Update. Well now is February/28/2012 and as I read the salvia greggii “lipstick” variety is one of the longest bloomers among the greggi types. It proved to be right because I have four lipstick and two flames. The flames are not blooming, while lipsticks are a show already. Lipstick began blooming since mid February. The shrubs are way bigger than last end of summer when I planted them.