Back at the beginning of spring I began to grow peppers from seed as I wrote in my previous blog, still I haven’t get any peppers from the plants, but for the first time the ones I transferred to the regular garden soil are flowering. The first time I placed the peppers in my square foot garden it was only with 6 inches of soil depth.

They never flowered and I suspected it was because of the very little soil, so a couple of weeks ago I went to buy miracle grow potting mix and mixed it up with my previous 6 inches of soil I had on my 2 square foot garden beds and now the beds are to a total depth of 1 foot!.

The blossom peppers will drop without setting fruit when daytime temperatures go above 90 F for any period of time or if the night temperature remain over 75 F.

In July and now August the night temperatures here in the city never dropped below 75 F and during the day are up to 100 F or more. The plants survive but during the day wilt!. They will make it to the end of fall and when the heat slows down in the months ahead I suspect the’ll bear fruit.

During the early morning temperatures are high 70’s or very low 80’s F and pepper plants look just fine.

But during the hot dog days of summer the pepper plants wilt during the day and flower blossoms drop.