Of all the herbs I have, all of them grow in containers with the exception of basil which I grow in a garden bed, basil will be another day blog post story.

I bought this 5 herbs the first days of February when they were already little plants and 60’s degree Fahrenheit were the average temperatures, but I placed them back in the big north garden fence in full sun late in spring, even at that time of the year I got tired of watering the pots everyday, it is because pot containers in high heat lose water rapidly.

The back of my garden is the most distant area for me to go and water the pots, the only annuals I grow there are flowers and that is in regular soil where water evaporation is not a concern, the annual flower bed is around 1/15 or less of the whole back yard, the other 1/14 is sod and the water needs are taken by the sprinkle system but not for the annuals bed, that job I have to do it myself.

So the solution was to move the herb pots to the east of my garden where direct sun shines 4 to 5 hours per day in summer and they are real close to the inside garden door. I water them every 3 days, fertilize every month with organic solution 4-3-2.