Conquer in the flower pots that is! or wherever you planted your perennial dianthus. Early in the spring I sowed many seeds, only 2 became adults, in fact I think they’re the only ones who sprouted. Dianthus are those kind of perenials you have to divided them when become chubby, tight or out of control in it’s own space, lucky me I had them in a window pot small enough to divide them right now, with my scissors the surgery was done in 10 minutes!(doctors beware, here I come).

The result is an almost full pot of plants, before I had 2, now 4, by the end of summer with the arrival of a cool fall and tolerant winter the dianthus should thrive, for now the rest of the summer will keep growing. If weather drops below frost point in winter, that’s why I got them in pots, they go inside the home!

One chubby plant before dividing.

After the surgery my new creation Dr Frankenstein.

Update August/12/2011. Some people ask if dianthus will survive in heat and cold and I cant tell you that after I sowed my dianthus here in early spring the plants grew very well and they had no trouble with the 110 F in the peek of summer, they are in a partial sun area now, I moved them over a bed together with some summer vines I got, after all they bloom the best in fall and the place where they are now is the nearest part of the patio with the best sight from the living room and kitchen, once the best show from them arrives in fall I’ll see if they live to their fame, but don’t forget, dianthus are small strong plants, you’’ll trow them heat and frost, but they will be there!.

Dianthus in pots under the garden soil.